One view of mobility and social exclusion

Most people don’t give mobility a second thought because they have it.  It certainly becomes an issue when you don’t!    Just Able Friends is bothered about mobility and about making sure that people with mobility challenges are able to keep as involved as everyone else.    We support Littlehampton Town by keeping people involved in their local community.

I am a volunteer and now also a founding member.  I have a mobility challenge because of my MS which keeps me in a wheelchair most of the time.  I need and use Just Able Friends to enable me to stay in touch with other local people and to visit shops, restaurants,  offices, go to the bank, get a coffee, see the sea, meet and greet friends –  oh! –  and go to the pub (where they have access).  All quite normal but difficult if you’re confined to a wheelchair.  My mobility matters to me because it gives me a sense of normality in an otherwise restricted/excluded  world.

Do you have a view about your mobility and social inclusion?

... but a bit wobbley now and then

… but a bit wobbly now and then!

Accessible shopping in Littlehampton

Littlehampton has been working hard over recent years to make the town centre accessible to people with restricted mobility.

Have you noticed how many shops in the town centre have been made accessible to people in wheelchairs.  Test your knowledge of different shops with our Shopmobility quiz.  Can you name each shop?  The clues are in the captions!  There are a total of 53 photo locations to guess but some shops/frontages have changed.  Each is numbered so you can check.

1. Not a shop but way in or way out or in the middle?


2. Smoke used to make your vision blurred!  But now its gone East.


3. Easy, you can bank on it.


4. Across the road from the easy one.


5. Another one? Must be money in LA!


6.  Made for walking?6. Made for walking?


7. Got changed for coffee?


8. Sit on an occasional table?


9. When boots won’t do!


10. Can there be more of these?


11. Yes. Must be evenmore money around!


12. Not boots!


13. Read this


14. 2 for 1 and developing!


15. Four Candles?


16. Its on the cards!


17. Glad rags.


18. Again – Not boots necessarily.