Staycations are 4 everybody

Updated and extended account with my conclusion.

Just Able Friends

Time for a break, I thought.   All the usual, get away from it all, eat well, visit new places of interest, have a few drinks in the bar, meet and greet new people etc., etc.  But wait, we are Brexiting The European Union.  The pound is down (temporarily, I hope) against most currencies.   Greece has problems of its own and Spain, Italy, Portugal and even France are in the financial doldrums.  I can cope with assisted international travel but the occasion has to be well planned in advance, assistance organised through several stages of each journey and, of course, paid for in full.

So on this occasion, after a survey of nearby alternatives (too few to mention) when I needed to take a two week break away from my usual home and carer (the wife), I chose to return to the local  Revitalise Centre in Southampton – Netley Waterside…

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